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Luxury house with a two-car garage and beautiful landscaping
House Design
  • Rearrange furniture to open up as much space as possible

  • Paint over any lime green or bright pink bedrooms, cute colors aren't for buyers

  • Make everything as clean as possible

  • Get rid of clutter; these small details make a difference

Sensational staging for superior results

There are many different steps you can take to make your home look bigger, better, and more attractive to potential buyers. Even seemingly minor changes can often have a major effect when presenting a home that is up for sale.


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Curb Appeal

This is where a potential buyer decides whether or not your home is worth a look inside. If it doesn’t look good on the outside, they may decide not to bother to arrange a showing. Does the siding need to be powersprayed? Do you have inviting landscaping (with flowers for color)? Is your yard well-kept – mowed, mulched, or reseeded if necessary?


Make your front porch inviting as well… a few suggestions – place a nice clean doormat mat in front of the door, and if room allows, a couple of nice pieces of porch furniture along with a potted plant or two make the front of your home more welcoming. Don’t forget to turn on your porch lights in the evening in case potential buyers drive by.

Tips to make viewers treasure your home

Learn superior staging techniques to put your house in the best light every time. Don't let a potential sale walk away!

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Luxury house with a two-car garage and beautiful landscaping A home is advertising a for sale sign


Clean, Clean, Clean

Your home is being judged from the moment a potential buyer steps inside. Make the best first impression by making sure your home is as clean as possible. Wash windows, clear away any cobwebs, everything should sparkle. If your carpets are dirty, have them cleaned. Be extra mindful if you have pets in your home. Nothing turns a potential buyer off faster than pet odors. If potential homebuyers see that you have neglected basic housekeeping, they may assume you have not kept up the property as needed.



If you really want to stage your home well, you must get rid of any clutter. Even if you have to temporarily rent a storage unit or use a friend’s garage, you must clear away anything that is unsightly – even too many knick-knacks are a turnoff if they make the rooms seem smaller. Your goal is to make your home buyer-friendly, and this includes creating the illusion of more space within your home. Don’t forget to declutter closets and your garage as well. And hey, don’t put away EVERYTHING. Make your house seem homey with some nice green plants, a few well-placed decorations and pictures. After all, you want to make the house warm and welcoming.


Lose the Bubblegum Pink, Lime Green and/or Themed Bedroom Paint

So, when you initially bought your home, you hired a painter to come in and personalize your daughter’s bedroom. It’s pink and has a ballerina and her name on the wall in big purple letters… that’s sweet, but potential buyers see this as WORK. Have rooms like this repainted in a neutral tone. It will pay off! Likewise with wallpaper – many people have an aversion to crazy or outdated wallpaper. Have it removed and paint the room if necessary.


Rearrange Furniture

If you’ve removed clutter and your room(s) still seem small, try rearranging your furniture to make the most out of the space you have. This can do wonders for the look and feel of your rooms.


Choose Neutral, Sophisticated Colors

These colors not only make a room look larger, but they help a potential buyer envision their own belongings in a room. Remember, a buyer has to be able to picture themselves living in your home, and distracting colors or patters can take away from that vision.


Use Extra Rooms Thoughtfully

If you have an extra room in your home that you’re not using, go ahead and define it so that your potential buyer can envision a use for it. For example, furnish it with tasteful inexpensive office furniture and pull the room together with a nicely designed rug… or perhaps stage it as an elegantly decorated guest room.


Don’t Forget the Patio/Deck

You will want to stage these outdoor areas as well. Make sure they’re swept and clean, pick up after your pets, and set up outdoor furniture in an attractive arrangement.

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