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We are also buyers’ agents, and we can help you find your perfect home. This service is FREE to you as the buyer. Let us save you time and money!

Finding your home sweet home

You deserve to find the home of your dreams, and we are happy to help you do so! We won't charge you anything to help you out as a buyer. It's all about doing the right thing for our clients and helping you find your home.

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Using Bella Villa As YOUR Buyers' Agent

First things first, identify your price range and get pre-qualified with your lender of choice. You will be required to provide proof of pre-qualification on any offers you make, so you will need to get this important task done right off the bat.


Secondly, work with your Bella Villa agent to select the neighborhood in which you want to live. Consider distance to work, school zoning, and any other criteria that is important to you.

Then the fun begins - finding the perfect home for you. Your Bella Villa agent will assist you in finding just what you're looking for in a home.


Ready to make an offer? Your Bella Villa agent will present your offers on your behalf and help you negotiate the pricing and terms until it is (hopefully!) accepted. Once there is a meeting of the minds, and the contract has been signed by all parties, a copy of it will be given to both the buyer and seller. Your lender will need a copy as well to proceed with your loan.


The contract will state that there is to be an inspection within this timeframe. It is your responsibility to set up the inspection, and be sure to let your BVP agent know so that he or she will be present for it.


Meanwhile, the title company is completing title work to make sure that there's a clear title on the property you're purchasing...


Once everything has been verified, the appraiser makes an appointment to appraise the home to confirm value. Then the loan and all supporting paperwork is submitted for final approval. You'll have to select an insurance provider for your homeowners insurance on your new home and submit that information to your lender.


Then a closing date is sign your closing documents...then time to move! Let Bella Villa Properties be your buyers' agent and help navigate you toward your new home and new adventures!

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